Our Team

Giant Steps Tasmania has a fantastic team of professionals dedicated to supporting those on the Spectrum.


Tim Chugg

Our principal, Tim, has been a teacher for 21 years and has worked with children in a variety of settings. Tim has worked at Giant Steps Tasmania for Seventeen years and is in his eleventh year as principal. Seeing the lives of families and children positively affected by Giant Steps Tasmania's programs provides the ongoing motivation to keep him striving to provide a world-class program that meets the individual needs of all our clients.

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Our teaching team consists of six qualified classroom teachers: Bernadette in Green Room, Samuel and Jen in Red Room, David in Orange Room, and Danielle in Blue Room. The sixth teacher on our staff is Kimberly. Kimberly is our Curriculum Coordinator and works between all the class groups with a focus on particular subjects and programs with children with an identified need. Kimberly has worked on things such as Numeracy, Literacy, and STEM. This role has added some extra flexibility for our teachers and extra value for our students. Our Teachers manage the individual education and support plans programs for each child. It is a role that requires a great deal of skill and an ability to multitask and differentiate every lesson.

The teachers are also responsible for managing our team of therapists and teaching assistants and keeping the important people in our children’s lives up to date with their progress.

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Speech and Language Pathologist

The Search is still On!

At the end of 2019, we farewelled our last Speech Pathologist as they set off on new adventures!

We are now scouring the globe to find the next awesome Speech Pathologist to work with our students. We hope for good news in this area soon. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, we will be working with some external providers to keep our staff and students' programs fresh and relevant.

Occupational Therapist

Siaren Lacangan

Siaren works in individual and small group sessions with the students. She provides a variety of services for our children which support the many sensory, physical, social and proprioceptive issues they face.

Siaren is also a member of our Leadership Team and provides valuable advice to staff on the various sensory, behavioural and physical needs of our students.

Siaren is always available to talk to parents and other stakeholders about the progress of our children and clients.

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Leadership Team

Striving for excellence!

Our Leadership Team was created in 2021 to meet the developing needs of our growing school.

The Leadership Team is comprised of our Principal (Tim), Occupational Therapist (Siaren), Curriculum Coordinator (Kimberly), and our Head Teacher (Sam). This group meets regularly to discuss school issues and is a resource that our staff can call on for advice and assistance. The Leadership Team is of great assistance to our Principal and allows for tasks to be more evenly distributed throughout the team.

The positions of Curriculum Coordinator and Head Teacher are new to Giant Steps Tasmania.

Our Curriculum Coordinator assists with the development of curriculum, staff mentoring and assistance, assessment, and extended learning. It is a busy role and one that has allowed Kimberly to show us her expertise in this area.

The Head Teacher role is filled by Sam. Sam works in our Red Room and has 2 days a week off class to focus on administration, recruitment and leadership tasks. This is a great opportunity to learn about school leadership and provides some wonderful flexibility for when our Principal is very busy.

Together these roles make for a strong system of leadership and the varied experiences and collective knowledge of the members are of tremendous benefit to our school.