General Procedure

1. Bus times are:         Launceston (Door of Hope) 8.10am (pick up); 3.50pm (drop off)

                                    Devonport (Argosy) 8.05am (pick up); 3.55pm (drop off)

                                    Latrobe 8.30am (pick up); 3.40 pm (drop off)

2. Aim for a calm start to the day that follows a predictable pattern. (e.g. same getting up time, same leaving home time, same route etc.)

3. Be on time to the pick-up point, but do not arrive too early as waiting can be disruptive to a student/ adult client.

4. Park near the bus. Crossing a car park with vehicles arriving and departing is dangerous.

5. Until the student/ adult client is safely seated on the bus s/he is the responsibility of the parent/ carer, so conversations with other parents/ carers should wait until all students/ adult clients are safely seated on the bus.

6. Do not allow the student/ adult client to get on to the bus until it is fully staffed (by the Bus Driver and all Bus Supervisors).

7. Do not become involved in the management of other students/ adult clients. There will be processes and plans around other students/ adult clients that you might not be aware of and your involvement might be unhelpful.

8. Give any medication to the Bus Driver. Remember that from February 2017 all medication must be in a Webster Pack.

9. Do not involve the Bus Supervisors in conversation. Their responsibility is getting the students safely onto the bus. If there is information the school/ Adult House should have, make sure it is written in the Communication Book.

10. Once your student/ adult client is safely seated on the bus, leave promptly. Some students/ adult clients can find the transition from home difficult and it helps them if parents/ carers do not linger.


If a student/ adult client is going to be absent for any reason, the parent/ carer must contact the Bus Driver before the designated pick-up time to let him/ her know.


In exceptional circumstances, if a parent/ carer knows that s/he will be late getting the student/ adult client to the pick-up point, s/he should call the Bus Driver before the designated pick-up time and the Bus Driver may wait for the student/ adult client for no more than 10 minutes. If a student/ adult client is regularly late, the Principal will contact the parent/ carer to discuss the situation. If the situation cannot be resolved, the parent/ carer may need to make alternative arrangements.

Person Collecting

Parents/ Carers must notify the school if anyone other than the person(s) listed on the Enrolment Form will be meeting the student/ adult client from the bus. Parents/ Carers will ensure that the person who meets the student/ adult client will be carrying photographic ID which they can show to the Bus Driver.


Parents/ Carers must ensure that students/ adult clients are well enough to attend school and have not experienced diarrhoea or vomiting at any time during the preceding 48 hours.