Forming part of: Giant Steps Tasmania’s Curriculum & Learning Experiences Manual

Policy Statement

Giant Steps Tasmania accepts students on the Autism Spectrum, as diagnosed by a suitably qualified Medical Practitioner. Giant Steps Tasmania gives priority to students who require extensive or substantial levels of adjustment as defined by the Department of Education (

Giant Steps Tasmania accepts students on the Autism Spectrum regardless of sex, race, socio-economic status and place of residence, from the age of 5*. Giant Steps Tasmania can accept a maximum of 10 students on any given school day in each of the following classes: Green Room (Grades P-2); Red Room (Grades 3-5); Orange Room (Grades 6-8); Blue Room (Grades 9-12). Giant Steps Tasmania will not accept any student for placement whose needs cannot be adequately met by the school’s resources.

Giant Steps Tasmania placements are funded by federal funding and/ or parental contribution. School fees are set by Giant Steps Tasmania’s Board. Details of current fees can be found on the school’s website ( or by contacting the Giant Steps Tasmania Business Manager (Tel: 63 622 522).

Dual enrolment is possible at Giant Steps Tasmania and any other school in the State, Independent or Catholic sectors with the agreement of both schools.

This policy can also be found on the school’s website

* in exceptional circumstances a place may be offered to a student below this age.


The aim of this policy is to ensure transparency regarding:

  • the criteria upon which Giant Steps Tasmania accepts students
  • how and why a placement may be terminated, and
  • the Admissions Process


In most cases, the Principal will manage the enrolment process. If the Principal feels it is necessary, an enrolment committee may be set up, involving one or more members of the class or therapy team and/ or a Board member.

Places at Giant Steps Tasmania normally become available if a former student is withdrawn, or if a student moves from one classroom group to another. The school will seek to replace that student with one of a similar age and developmental level to maintain the homogeneity of the group.

Parent(s)/ Carer(s) and students, whenever possible, are encouraged to actively participate in the admissions process.

Giant Steps Tasmania will consider students for enrolment based on:

  • The student’s diagnosis by a suitably qualified Medical Practitioner. Giant Steps Tasmania prioritises students requiring significant or extensive adjustment. In some circumstances it might be possible to accept students who require supplementary adjustments, but this is likely to be for a short-term placement, with the aim of assisting the student to (re)integrate into mainstream schooling.
  • Homogeneity in age or functioning level for an available classroom placement at Giant Steps, Tasmania
  • The student’s place on the waiting list

For additional information regarding the enrolment process, refer to the addendum Admissions: Enrolment Procedure

Ending a placement

If a parent/ carer wishes to remove a student from Giant Steps Tasmania, they must give the school one term’s notice in writing. Refer to Home/ School Agreement

Giant Steps Tasmania will end a placement if the student no longer requires services from the Giant Steps Tasmania programme and can be successfully transferred to another school/ centre, with any necessary on-going support being provided by the accepting school/ centre. The Giant Steps Tasmania placement will be jeopardised and could be ended if:

  • The student has an unexplained absence of more than a week (5 consecutive days when s/he is expected to attend Giant Steps Tasmania). Refer to Attendance Policy
  • The student has an unexplained pattern of absences or 10 unexplained days of absence in any term. Refer to Attendance Policy
  • Parents/ Carers do not participate in IEP meetings, behavioural support programmes, nutritional/ diet plans and have not contacted Giant Steps Tasmania to discuss this.
  • Parents/ Carers have not updated the student’s Medical Information Form at the start of the academic year and/ or mid-year in spite of at least one reminder to do so.
  • Parents/ Carers have outstanding fees of more than 2 terms and have not made arrangements with Giant Steps Tasmania to settle the amount, following a reminder letter having been sent to the address the school holds for them.
  • Parents/ Carers, a family member, a Giant Steps Tasmania student or their advocate has a grievance against the school or a member of the Giant Steps Tasmania staff but does not follow the Giant Steps Tasmania Grievance policy to attempt to resolve the issue. Refer to Grievance Policy

A student who has attained the age of 18 is encouraged to participate in all procedures which require parent/ carer participation as specified in this policy.

Authorised by:

Paul Bowman


Chair of Board



Original Policy developed by:

Chris Jacobsen


Education Administrator

Date developed:

July, 2018

Date of first review:


Date of this review:

October, 2021

Reviewed by:

Chris Jacobsen


Fairlight Educational Consulting

Staff consultation period:

September 2021

Date for next review:

November, 2023