Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals and are all registered to teach by the Teacher’s Registration Board of Tasmania. 

Our teachers attend regular professional development activities.  These may be offered via Independent Schools Tasmania, various levels of Government, on-line, through conferences with experts in the field or through liaison with other providers of disability services.  This commitment to ongoing learning helps our staff keep up to date with the latest information, research and best practice.

Due to the small number of our teaching staff, we frequently engage as a whole and with the other professional staff (Speech and Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapist), to discuss successes, difficulties, research articles and professional development undertaken. As we are members of a small school, we know our students across all levels of the school and are able to engage in collaborative learning and planning.

All staff at the school actively participate in professional development to ensure their knowledge and practice remains current and best able to support our students. To enable our students to have the best possible educational outcomes, we maintain a low student to staff ratio, having the number of staff members around three to four below the number of students, dependent on the needs of individual children in each classroom. e.g. 8 students to 4/5 staff, 9 students to 5/6 staff etc.