We provide the most effective learning strategies for each student by using the expertise of all staff at Giant Steps Tasmania.  Teachers, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Aides all work in collaboration with parents to set appropriate goals for students. We celebrate our students’ learning and achievements through daily communication with parents/carers, regular newsletters, staff and case meetings, and by making contributions to local media as appropriate.  This model helps our students to become engaged and effective learners.


Our students and clients are grouped broadly across school grades as listed:

  • Green—Grades K–2
  • Red—Grades 3–6
  • Blue—Grades 7–12
  • Adult group (Next Step)—Grade 12+

These groupings enable us to focus on age appropriate learning for students while being broad enough to allow flexibility and apply adjustments to what is taught and how students learn within these groupings.