We use sensory integration techniques to assist with the processing and organisation of information received through the senses, particularly the touch, movement, balance, vestibular and proprioception systems.  Through the therapy, we aim to improve body awareness, posture and balance, and reduce self-stimulatory behaviours.  Occupational therapy (OT) is also concerned with the assessment of visual perceptual abilities (i.e. how to interpret what is seen) and fine motor skills.

Our Occupational Therapist works with other professional staff to help students achieve their goals. She works within classrooms, with small groups and in one-to-one sessions with students in our well-equipped OT Room. Within the classroom the OT provides students with tools such as:  y-shaped pencils to encourage appropriate grip, slant boards for writing, cross-body activities to increase co-ordination and neural function, gym balls and seat wedges for assistance with seating activities and scented texta colours. The OT also instructs staff on strategies to assist students with their learning.