We are fortunate enough to have an enthusiastic team of educators who enjoy music and love to explore sounds and songs. The educators lead music sessions with students from each classroom to help them develop a love of music and express their feelings and emotions through sound and song.  These classes, held both in a group format and individual sessions, help students to increase their socialisation skills, relationships with others and emotional development.  These sessions give students of all abilities a chance to communicate and participate and have been immensely popular and beneficial. 

With a very generous donation of musical equipment from the Leven Country Music Group, we are able to offer our students an opportunity to explore and experiment with such items as electric guitars, keyboards, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, and microphones in addition to the school’s instruments of drums, percussion instruments, recorders, and harmonicas.  Many of our students have progressed to engaging with eye contact, having musical conversations, confidently singing into the microphone and remembering and performing various drum beats. We even have a gifted beatbox artist who loves to show off on the mic!