At Giant Steps Tasmania, our aim is to increase the independence of our students.  We empower each of them to manage everyday activities by teaching them the skills that develop their ability to manage them.  Activities include:

  • Personal hygiene,
  • Grooming and other self-care activities (such as toileting, teeth cleaning and eating),
  • Traffic awareness and road safety,
  • Using manners and greeting members of the community
  • And common rules of etiquette like moving over to the side of the footpath when walking.

We also include household duties such as cooking, cleaning up and using utensils.  Students practice activities to encourage community awareness and participation.  These include:

  • shopping,
  • visiting a restaurant,
  • going to public leisure centres
  • using community facilities such as the post office, banks and library,
  • sharing equipment with other users and
  • using rubbish and recycling bins.

With older students, we focus on vocational skills and leisure activities. Some of our students may move onto further study or training, others into supported accommodation, some may seek employment; others may need to attain the skills necessary to take part in supported day programs. Our aim is to support a smooth and positive transition into these key life changes.