Green Group

There are two distinct areas of need in this group.  Some students are familiar with the dance class routine and are ready to move on. The newer students are beginning to join in and follow the more experienced students.  Routines are being slowly established with the latter group.  Most of the students have mastered the following: skipping, hopping, jumping, running, slow walking, following the leader and stopping on command.

Red Group

Several students in this group are able to take on the role of dance leader and lead some sections of the class.  Students enjoy a variety of dance games and activities e.g. facial expressions, name clapping, body shapes (individually or with a partner), musical games and acting out a story.

Orange & Blue Groups

Greetings and farewell routine established.  Students take position for commencement of class routine independently.  All social dances are well presented. Some students are now able to take the on the role of dance leader.  All students are now able to participate in dance games with minimal intervention from staff.