Individual Learning Programs

Our focus is not just on academic skills.  We also have a strong focus on communication, personal and social capability, living skills, emotional regulation and development, and physical activities.

Our holistic approach to our programs has been designed for students to continually build upon identified goals with intensive assistance.

Our teachers have flexibility to personalise learning and build on students’ prior learning, experiences and goals.  All of our students have their own Individual Educational Programs (IEPs).  This allows them to move at their own pace.

We work with parents to develop each program based on the needs of the student.  Students are regularly assessed based on their individual program to ensure they are progressing.  We review each program at least twice a year to make sure they are still in line with the student’s needs.

Each student’s program is developed using the Australian National Curriculum in the way that best suits the needs of each child.


We offer three distinct services which are split by age group:

First Steps—Pre-school age

Our First Steps program aims to improve the long term ability of pre-school students through flexible and creative approaches to the development of social interaction, communication and adaptive behaviours.  For more information, see the First Steps page.

Giant Steps—K-12

Giant Steps is for school aged children and focuses on more than just academic skills. We also have a strong focus on communication, personal and social capability, living skills, emotional regulation and development, and physical activities.

Next Steps (Adult group)—Grade 12+

Next Steps, works on further developing the life and social skills of our students. We take part in a range of community access, enterprise, life skills and “just for fun” activities. For mor information, see the Next Steps page.