We use a number of assessment tools, including:

  • Assessment against progress toward the individual learning goals of the student, recorded in the Individual Educational Program (IEP);
  • Standardised tests including Performance Indicators in Primary Schools (PIPS),
  • Teacher assessment utilising SWANs (Students with Additional Needs) diagnostics

All staff — teachers, aides, the Speech & Language Pathologist and the Occupational Therapist — are involved in observation and ongoing daily assessment against IEP goals and General Capability scales.  Regular case meetings assist with strategies to monitor progress and to ensure students have the best opportunity to achieve their goals.  Notes of each daily session are sent home to parents in the student’s Daily Communication Book or via email or SMS.

Parents/ Carers receive a comprehensive written report on their child’s progress twice a year.  These reports include reporting against progress on IEP goals, life skills, a comment from the Classroom Teacher as well as comments from the Speech & Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist.

Parents/ Carers are required to attend a minimum of two meetings a year to discuss and assist with the up-dating of their child's IEP.